Nevron Open Vision for .NET 2014.2 Gets Better with for Xamarin.Mac and MonoMac

Nevron Open Vision for .NET 2014.2 has been released with support for Xamarin.Mac and MonoMac. The suite consists of a stylable user interface with lightweight UI widgets and heavy UI components.

Nevron Open Vision - Rich Text Editor - Mac

Nevron Open Vision for .NET 2014.2 provides windowless environment and CSS stylable UI without any flicker. It also offers very fast and mature UI that allows your applications to scale regardless of the number of controls.

The list of advanced components included with Nevron Open Vision for Mac OS are as follows

Nevron Open Vision - Components - Mac

The Rich Text Editor included with Nevron Open Vision 2014.2 provides powerful features and better performance than Microsoft Word or any other competing word processing control.

The Barcode control included with Nevron Open Vision enable .NET developers to quickly and easily add barcodes to their Mac OS applications. The control can be customized and provides support for all industry standard barcode formats.

The latest release enables you to embed 1D and 2D Barcodes in your applications, rich text documents and reports.

Nevron Open Vision - Barcode Component - Mac

The Gauge control included with Nevron Open Vision Mac OS suite provides support for instrumentation widgets such as radial (circular) and linear gauges, knobs, indicators and numeric displays.

These controls will prove to be very useful if you need to create user interfaces for dashboards, KPIs, dials, stopwatches, clocks, thermometers, LEDs and simple indicators.

Nevron Open Vision - Gauge Component - Mac

With the help of the components included with the package, developers will be able to build applications for WinForms, WPF, Silverlight, MonoMac and Xamarin.Mac using a single code base.

As a developer, you need not have to invest your valuable time to learn multiple UI frameworks or limit the deployment scope of their application. This is because the suite allows developers to write once and deliver on multiple environments.

Nevron Open Vision for .NET 2014.2 also enable businesses to cut cost and time by providing developers with a well thought and complete set of UI controls that works seamlessly in Windows, RIA and Mac environments.

Nevron Open Vision - Rich Text Editor

The suite consists of a Rich Text Editor in addition to an extensive set of UI widgets, Gauges and Barcodes. Developers will be able to make use of Grid, Chart and Diagram components to build any serious business application.

Nevron Open Vision 2014.2 has added Outlook bar to the set of UI Widgets and controls. As mentioned above, the suite ships with MonoMac and Xamarin.Mac hosts, which allows applications written with Nevron Open Vision to run on the Mac.

Nevron Open Vision - Rich Text Editor

The suite includes implementation of an automated UI which allows you to create UIs that can be easily localized in addition to the state of the art text processing and reporting capabilities.

Nevron Open Vision 2014.2 provides following benefits


  • Gain Reusable Knowledge
  • Gain Tangible Knowledge
  • Based on Open Standards

Project Managers

  • Eliminate Platform Selection Risk
  • Target More Clients
  • Decrease Development Costs
  • Eliminate the Porting Costs
  • Increase Your Application Life Cycle
  • One Presentation Layer, One Code Base, One Vendor


  • Technology Integration Program
  • NOV Market – User Interface Controls & Components for cross platform development

Nevron Open Vision (NOV) provides a full set of basic and advanced data structures. They are 20%-50% faster than their .NET counterparts. The data structures natively implement many advanced algorithms that are not present in .NET by default. NOV implements list, stack, queue, deque, map and link lists.

Nevron Open Vision provides rich support for formulas to enable developers to build high end mathematical applications. It includes operators, functions, measures, scopes, local variable and arrays in addition to a formula engine optimized for performance.

Graphics are an integral part of each software product. Nevron Open Vision ships with several features such as 2D Graphics API, 2D Graphics Algorithms, Imaging and Constructive Solid Geometry.

Nevron Open Vision Document Object Model (DOM) includes set of objects that allows the construction of versatile visual documents. It is designed in such a way that it can be edited, styled, evaluated and displayed via different medias.

DOM includes built-in support for structures, metadata, events, undo-redo, expressions, styling, measure, arrange and display.

The user interface components included with Nevron Open Vision is built on top of the NOV Document Object Model (DOM). They are developed in such a way that it conforms to the latest W3C standards and technologies.

Nevron Open Vision - UI Components

Nevron Open Vision for .NET also includes several advanced UI controls such as Text Editor, Barcode, Gauge, Diagram, Chart, Pivot, Map, Grid and Ribbon.

You can download fully functional 60 day trial version of Nevron Open Vision for .NET 2014.2. Nevron provides excellent support via their own support portal in addition to live demos, documentation, knwoeldge base and forums.

Nevron Open Vision for .NET 2014.2 ships with numerous features and improvements not found in any other competing products.

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