How to Build a Natural Language Processing App?

Natural language processing – a technology that allows software applications to process human language – has become fairly ubiquitous over the last few years.

Google search is increasingly capable of answering natural-sounding questions, Apple’s Siri is able to understand a wide variety of questions, and more and more companies are using (reasonably) intelligent chat and phone bots to communicate with customers. But how does this seemingly “smart” software really work?

In this article, you will learn about the technology that makes these applications tick, and you will learn how to develop natural language processing software of your own.

The article will walk you through the example process of building a news relevance analyzer. Imagine you have a stock portfolio, and you would like an app to automatically crawl through popular news websites and identify articles that are relevant to your portfolio.

For example, if your stock portfolio includes companies like Microsoft, BlackStone, and Luxottica, you would want to see articles that mention these three companies.

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