Using NativeScript to Rewrite the Modulus App

When Bao Nguyen needed to rewrite the Modulus companion app, he took the opportunity to explore NativeScript, a powerful cross-platform environment he could code on using skills he already had.

Modulus, a Node.js hosting platform that lets you deploy, scale and monitor apps, needed to have its companion mobile app rewritten. NativeScript is an open source platform for building cross-platform native apps. For Modulus Senior Software Engineer Bao Nguyen, it seemed like a great match.

He describes the three main reasons he chose to use NativeScript:

  • He needed to write both an iOS and an Android version of the app
  • He’d invested a good amount of time writing Node.js apps, so the transition was very smooth—he also was able to take advantage of many npm modules
  • NativeScript and Modulus are both a part of the Progress family, just like Telerik

Bao goes on to describe his experience getting started, delivering advice on how to prioritize your time and where to seek assistance if you need it.

His conclusion? NativeScript helped him build a high performance app, and he’s excited to see where it’s headed.

We think you will be too, which is why we thought we’d share Bao’s post. To read more about his experience, you can check out the whole post over at the Telerik Developer Network.


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