Book Review: My A to Z of Chennai

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My A to Z of Chennai provides a great roundup of all the features and facilities of Chennai. Authored by the popular author and blogger Mayuri Nidigallu, the My A to Z of Chennai takes you to the lovely places in and around Chennai city including the food you would like to taste and picnic spots. The book has been divided into 26 chapters starting with a famous Tree and ending up with market stories.

The first story included with the My A to Z of Chennai provides a glimpse of a year-old tree, which exists in Chennai including the visiting hours. The author also provides tips and a few historical facts. Chennai is famous for beaches and the next story is all about the list of beaches located in the city. You will know the kind of food the stalls will serve.

The next story provides a list of age-old churches, movie hubs, foods served at theatres and much more. If you are in Chennai and would like to visit museums, then you should read the next story.

My A to Z of Chennai

Chennai is famous for something, which you will cherish forever. If you are eager to know about it, you should read the next story. I am sure you won’t be disappointed. If you go through the My A to Z of Chennai book, you will know about the places from where you can buy flowers.

When it comes to Chennai, it’s all about the sweets and snacks. Do you know the best places from where you can buy them? Read the next topic for more information. The interesting fact is that Mayuri talks about the history of the sweet stores apart from disclosing the kind of sweets they manufacture and sell.

The book also talks about the age-old book store, which still exists in Chennai with special reference to its founder. Mayuri also delves deep into the various ways to combat the heat with mention to the shops from where you can chill out to beat the extremely humid climate. The author also examines various messes from where you can have your lunch and dinner. You will also learn about the Government run mess, which provides good quality food at subsidized rates.

The remaining stories included with My A to Z of Chennai delves deep into the tallest building, temples, and landmarks at important places. If you visit the place after reading the book, you will know where you should enter to visualize the lifestyle and architecture.

Do you want to buy textiles and wondering where to visit? The book gives you the answer. The year-old drink is still available in Chennai. You have to turn to Page 23 to know more about it.

If you are Chennai either permanently or on a short visit, you have a chance to visit the Governor’s house. The required steps for booking an appointment including the various places inside the house have been listed on the book. The My A to Z of Chennai also talks about a legendary Tamil actor and his qualities. You will know about the famous eating items and a small reference to a recent film with the same name.

The remaining chapters provide a glimpse of nitty-gritty stuff, which you should know in Chennai. The My A to Z of Chennai is an excellent coverage of Chennai in a compact way. Mayuri has made a great attempt to list all the facts within 35 pages and hence you need not have to read a lengthy ebook.

I would appreciate if the author provides images as well to support the content. It will help readers from other states and abroad to know about the stuff they are reading about. Moreover, the author should start each story on a new page for the sake of uniformity.

If you would like to know about Chennai, then you should immediately download My A to Z of Chennai before it runs out of stock. The book is available in PDF format for a limited time as part of theĀ #blogchatterebook program.

This review has been written as part of the Blogchatter Book Review Program.

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