Just published: Murach’s C++ Programming

So many C++ books teach C++ the way it was taught when it first came out 30+ years ago, despite enhancements that can ease the learning curve. But now, Murach Books has re-thought the whole approach and published a new book, Murach’s C++ Programming, that delivers C++ training for today.

#1: This book provides the right start in coding modern C++ programs

In contrast to other C++ books, this book doesn’t start off with low-level techniques for managing memory. Instead, it takes advantage of the higher level techniques now available that make it faster and easier for you to learn C++.

With that approach, Section 1 is an introductory course that teaches you how to code, test, debug, and deploy your first C++ programs in just 8 chapters (you’ll create your very first ones in chapter 2, and not just “Hello, World,” but programs that handle input and output). By the end of this section, you’ll be working with control statements, files, data types, strings, vectors, and functions like a pro.

#2: It gives you professional coding and OOP skills, as you need them

The rest of the book builds on the subset to teach you the professional C++ coding skills you’ll use all the time, including how to work with structures, enumerations, the STL, and exceptions. It also covers object-oriented programming, so you’ll learn…and understand…today’s best practices for using encapsulation, object composition, inheritance, and polymorphism. And the chapters are designed so you can learn what you want to when you want to.

#3: It teaches you legacy programming

Once you’re skilled at coding modern C++ programs, this book covers the C++ skills that have been around from the beginning for working with memory and pointers. That means you’ll be able to maintain the vast amount of legacy code that’s out there, as well as work with embedded systems that don’t support the newer techniques.

#4: The paired-pages format works for on-the-job reference as well as training

Murach books have a distinctive “paired-pages” format, where each two-page spread presents a single topic: the examples and reference material are on the righthand page, with additional explanation and perspective on the left. It’s ideal for today’s time-pressured programmer, because it lets you read less, do more, and pick up information on demand.

#5: It shows you dozens of programs that can be used as models for new programs you develop

Studying coding examples is key to learning any new programming language as long as the examples aren’t trivial. So this book presents complete programs that build from the simple to the complex. Download them for free from the Murach website to experiment or to reuse the code in your own programs. Murach’s C++ Programming is available from the publisher at and from major retail outlets.

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