Moto E Rules

Long ago there were only stationary phones which we use by inserting finger in the slot and start the dialling process. After sometime, the same stationary phones came with modification for easy dialling by finger press. These were the past times. But present day scenario is mobile times. Initially, many models appeared in the market but though we use them they were not user friendly.

No doubt, Moto E is a killer phone with all the required tools for use and handling. The easy and soft touch on the phone enable you to walk talk.

Moto E

The speakers on the front side will enable you to hear notifications, ringtones and music loudly and express voice in a mild tone. Moreover, you will be able to hear voices without any distortions with the help of speakerphone.

Moto E possesses a feature of curved design which will surely help you to handle and carry the device in a comfortable manner. Added to that, Moto E has moisture resistant coating which saves us from worry of preserving it only inside always. The easy usability with lot of product features is an added attraction.

Moto E includes a powerful 5 MP camera and this enables me to capture photos and videos during my next vacation trip. Moreover, the big 4.5 inch touchscreen helps me to read emails without straining eyes.

I will be very happy to #ChooseToStart with Moto E since I have access to a smartphone with Android Lollipop, which has several new features and improved battery life compared to Android KitKat.

Android Lollipop

Right now, I am charging my mobile since the battery of my current mobile drains a lot. With Moto E, I will be able to use the phone without charging every day.

From my point of view, of all smartphones Moto E stands apart and attracts our hearts. I will strongly recommend Moto E to new buyers other than my host of friends.

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