Save More Data with Durable Memory Cards

Nowadays, smartphones ships with minimum of 8 GB storage capacity. However, users will have access to only 6 GB since the operating system occupies a minimum amount of space. Hence, you will be required to inject additional memory into your smartphone with the help of external memory cards (Micro SD) so that you can use the device without interruption.

Memory cards are necessary if you plan to capture photos or videos during a vacation trip. If you haven’t inserted any memory card and the storage limit of your smartphone has exceeded its allocated limit you will not be able to capture any data into the phone. You will face problem if the place you have visited doesn’t have any shops selling mobile accessories.

It is advisable to purchase a compatible and durable memory card along with your mobile phone. Memory cards are available in various capacities such as 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB. If you plan to capture low resolution images then 4 GB or 8 GB memory cards are sufficient.

However, if you have a high end mobile phone you will be able to capture high resolution images such as sceneries, rivers, lakes. These images will look better in laptop, televisions and for sharing in social media. Hence, you need to buy a memory card with a capacity of either 16 GB or 32 GB storage capacity. You will be able to store several high resolution images if you insert 32 GB memory card.

Memory Card

You should only buy memory cards manufactured by reputed companies such as SanDisk, Transcend, Samsung and Sony. Moreover, you should buy memory cards with a class 6 to 10 since it will have high read-write speeds. If the speed of memory card is less, the images and videos will be processed slowly. Class 6 memory cards will be optimal for normal usage. I recently purchased a class 6 memory card and it has good processing speed.

Gadget enthusiasts will purchase 64 GB memory cards so that they will be able to capture and save lot of unboxing and review videos.
Digital cameras also require memory cards since the in-built capacity will not be sufficient for aggressive usage. However, the memory card used for smartphones and cameras are different. You should refer to the instruction manual in case if you are planning to purchase a memory card for your camera.

Be sure to load your smartphone or digital camera with a durable memory card the next time you venture for a trip or vacation.

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