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Lucky 6 is an innovative game available for both iOS and Android platforms. I tested the game using my XOLO A500s IPS Android Jelly Bean phone with 512 MB RAM.

In order to install Lucky 6, you need to download .apk file for Android from the official website since the game is not yet available on Google Play Store. This can be done by accessing the relevant page using your device.

The installation file is around 34 MB is size. I downloaded it within 2 minutes using broadband connectivity. As soon as your device completes the download process, you will view a message with the caption – Complete.

A message box with the title – Install blocked will be displayed upon selecting the option. For security, your phone is set to block installation of apps obtained from unknown sources.

The meaning of this message is that you can only install apps available from within Google Play Store. However, you can proceed with the installation of Lucky 6 since the app is developed by a reputed company and is completely safe to use.

Select Settings and check mark the option “Unknown sources” located below Device Administration section. I saw a long message upon selecting the check box which states the following message

Your phone and personal data are more vulnerable to attack by apps from unknown sources

I proceeded further since I believe in the company which developed Lucky 6 game.

Luck 6 app will not be installed upon selecting the checkbox. You should drag down the top navigation, select Fat Cat option. I saw a new page which prompts the message – Do you want to install this application

I installed the app by selecting Install option. I saw a dialog stating some warning but I proceeded. Finally, Luck 6 app was installed successfully. I straight away opened the app, which prompted me to login.

You can also launch the app later by selecting Fat Cat icon. However, I saw the app on the first page when I selected the middle navigation widget located on the bottom of the home screen.

I would suggest the developers to modify the app in such a way that an icon will be installed on the home screen itself

I found it little difficult to complete the registration process since I have a 4 inch smartphone. I also verified the official website and there is no option to register via web. Hence, I completed the registration from within the smartphone after a small break.

I only need to provide email address, nickname and a 5 digit passcode. However, I saw a message that nick name should be between 7-15 characters. The Registration User Interface also includes a field where I can provide a referrer name which is optional. I entered Indiblogger but the app returned an error stating that this particular referrer doesn’t exist.

I skipped and completed the registration process. I also need to verify my email address in order to play the game. However, the following message was displayed when I attempted to activate the link.

Link Expired

Your activation link has now expired. To request a new one select “Resend activation link” at the bottom of the log in screen.

You will be able to see a link with the caption – Resend activation email on the bottom of the login screen. I attempted to activate the link from within the smartphone. The following message will be displayed upon successful activation

Your account has now been activated

I found the whole registration process little complicated but it is an one time effort.

Playing Lucky 6

Tap Fat Cat icon by selecting the middle icon on the bottom navigation bar and select Login button. Provide the passcode you entered during the registration process.

I am surprised to see that there are no login button on the user interface. Lucky 6 app automatically detects your passcode and displays a page which has options either to play the game or participate in quiz.

You need to select Lucky 6 to begin the game. You can either take a tour or skip. I immediately saw a list of brands. I understood that I need to select 6 brands to begin the game.

As soon as I completed the selection of 6 brands, I saw a screen which prompts me to confirm the selection.

You need to provide the passcode each time when the phone goes into standby.

Lucky 6 app automatically assigns a ticket number with the list of the brands I selected. You cannot play the game immediately.

I saw a message that I will be able to play the game in next 20 hours. I will be logging in after 20 hours to see what happens next. I logged in today morning and saw that I will be able to play the game after 1 day 22 hrs 40 mins.

Lucky 6 app also includes QuizApp which displays a set of three questions. I attempted the quiz and found it very easy. However, when I selected the correct answer the app displayed the following message

Congratulations Michael, you have submitted your answer.

However, I had mentioned my name as Anand. I hope the company will rectify this bug in the final version of Lucky 6 app.

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