List & Label 22 helps you to generate reports smartly

List & Label 22, a comprehensive reporting tool developed by combit ships with a wide range of features. It ships with a new designer, which enables you to keep group and data together. You can embed animations in the preview alongside new barcodes.

The enhanced crosstabs included with List & Label 22 helps you to fetch multiple result cells, cross references, expandable regions and auto fill. The latest release also provides additional options with the virtual file system and WPF wrapper for preview. You can create reports using radar, treemap including the ability to sort charts by value.

With List & Label 22, you will be able to mark individual properties as favorites. Hence, you will be able to view only frequently used properties inside the properties window. The advantage is that you will not view those properties which are not required.

You will be able to animate report objects in the preview window without using PowerPoint. It is possible to suppress unwanted page breaks in tables for Microsoft .NET and C++ when you work with a data provider. combit has added MicroPDF417 and Codeblock F barcode types with support for all G51 application identifiers.

With LL21, you can easily integrate an Internetmarke online stamp from Deutsche Post. Moreover, you can view several dimensions of the data simultaneously with multiple result cells. With cross reference, you can easily perform calculations and display data. If there are not data, then empty cells are automatically created using the automatic fill up technique.

The company has decided to provide long-term support for List & Label 22. Hence, you will be able to avail support from the company even after the company releases the future editions of List & Label.

The latest release has added an enhanced logging interface to integrate logging output for accurate analysis. The newly introduced Radar chart enables you to visualize the relationships between multiple categories with shape and lines. As a developer, you can sort chart options by result values.

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