#KnowYourRights – Combat Sexual Violence by Reporting Immediately

Violence against women has been growing daily. We can see several reports in newspapers about various kind of attacks and crime against women.

However, many cases are not reported properly since only one out of 100 women who face sexual violence report to the police as per the recently released National Family Health Survey.

This trend has delivered shock waves across the country since we want the perpetrators to be punished. Otherwise, the attacker repeats the same kind of violence with other women.

In order to publish the guilty, each and every crime should be reported properly and the case is filed before the court of law.

(1) The Government should encourage women to report at the nearest police station immediately after the attack. Many women never report the crime because they need to disclose their identity. The complaint need not have to include women’s original name or identity.

Instead, women should be encouraged to disclose the identity of the attacker. If the attacker has been riding a bike then women should note the number and include it with the complaint. This will help the police team to nab the culprit by alerting all check points.

(2) Some women are afraid to visit the police station to file complaint. In such a case, Government should encourage women to file the relevant complaint via email or mobile app.

The concerned women should realize that if a complaint is not filed then another women will also face similar attack. The victim should think of other people as well.

(3) Government should declare a reward system for reporting sexual crimes. If the victim reports the crime immediately and if found to be true and the culprit is nabbed then a higher reward should be awarded to encourage them.

(4) A web form should be created and posted on all Government websites to encourage women to report violence against them. It should provide a facility to gather all vital data that should help to solve the crime and should be passed to all police stations with the help of encrypted connection.

(5) Government should release advertisements in newspaper, TV encouraging women to file complaint along with details of reward structure. The advertisement should carry a photo of an attacker who was previously caught. This will probably serve as a warning to those who attack women.

Similarly, Government should announce rewards for those persons who report crime against women or those testify against the attacker.

Reporting of sexual violence crimes is important for the following reasons

  • To prevent similar crimes in future
  • Removing people fear to enable them to walk free anytime
  • To teach the attacker a lesson by giving him maximum punishment as per law.

If the attacker is punished immediately like within a week it will serve as a warning for those who commit such crimes in future. They will think about it before indulging in such inhuman acts.

Sexual violence can only be reduced only if the crime is reported immediately and the guilty punished to the maximum extent of the law. Even if you heard or saw something unusual report it before the concerned authorities because you have #KnowYourRights.

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