Book Review: Irrationally Passionate

The Irrationally Passionate book examines both the personal and work life of a highly popular entrepreneur Jason Kothari. After having a painful childhood, Jason successfully fulfilled his ambitions in his life by working with reputed companies globally. He served as CEO with, FreeCharge and Valiant Entertainment. He also established a mark with the e-commerce marketplace Snapdeal. Jason mainly worked with those companies, which are under the verge of collapse. He created profitable business plans in such a way to help enterprise companies to succeed. If a sinking business establishment gets new energy, then it will not only benefit customers but also hardworking employees.

The Irrationally Passionate book is divided into 11 chapters. Jason has provided a detailed note as to what prompted him to write the book. In the Prologue section, you will know which is constant and those with assurances. In the first chapter, Jason remembers his childhood days and the insult he faced in a country. You should read the book to know about the country. Jason points out a dish his grandfather used to buy during his vacation time. Wow. I also have identical memories. Jason also shares his beautiful school memories before delving deep into a comic series. He also gives the meaning of a term in italics. Towards the end of this chapter, he explains about his experiences with his first job.

The second chapter examines the life in the world of gangsters and then moves ahead with his real experiences in a US university. Jason scored low marks initially and then scored better by following the advice of his teachers. His only goal was to attain something and you should read the book to find out that mystery. Jason started to read books related to a specific religion and you can find out more about them. He talks about the internships and his application to over dozen companies. Jason started to work for a PR company and he talks about his CEO’s speech. Towards the end of the chapter, Jason points out a friend with whom he is still in touch.

In the next chapter, Jason talks about the training procedure and his experiences in various camps. He also faced serious discomfort and problems during the entire training period. It seems that Jason sacrificed all issues in his quest to become a successful entrepreneur. Jason examines his experiences with the various products that came into his mind during his entrepreneurial journey. The auction has been won by a former top executive of a company. You need to spend plenty of time to read the chapter. The fifth chapter is too lengthy and it covers the various aspect of serious byproduct stuff. Jason even talks about his experiences while speaking with a girl in his search for a life partner.

In Chapter 6, Jason delves deep into his real-life incident involving a Girl. Did he manage to own that Girl as his life partner? Moreover, did Jason return back to India from his foreign job? You should read the book to find out. I am not willing to spoil the surprise. The entire chapter was filled with twists and turns.

The remaining chapters examine how Jason turned the loss-making companies into successful business entities. Jason provided a few insightful mantras, which you can apply in your own businesses. The Irrationally Passionate is a great book written by a popular and credible entrepreneur, who has traveled to several countries. The way in which he faced his childhood days followed by becoming a highly successful entrepreneur is stunning.

If Jason was not there, then those companies for which he had eventually worked would have gone bankrupt. It will not only affect the owners but also employees who depend upon their job for livelihood. I am sure the employees of the companies, which Jason converted from heavy loss to profit would remember him as the real champion. I wish Jason Kothari many more exciting opportunities in the upcoming days to come.

The Irrationally Passionate book is wrapped in a hard cover style and it resembles that of the old British Library books. I still remember the visits during my college days. The smell of the books stored on the racks still haunts me.

The Irrationally Passionate book will be very useful for business owners and entrepreneurs since the content really motivates them to work hard despite struggles. The book is really a stunning recap of how Jason managed both life and work in a balanced way to achieve success.

The price of the cost is higher but you should note that the content is a real autobiography of a popular business person. I would appreciate if the book was printed using a better quality paper. Moreover, the publisher should include an integrated bookmark so that we will know the page where we left out previously.

If you run a business, it will have ups and downs. The economy is in a bad state with the deadly Coronavirus spreading globally. However, correct decisions at the right time like Jason took will go a long way in your path to become successful. The book is worth the price paid. Highly recommended.

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