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I suffered a severe stomach pain in 1997. I was admitted to a hospital and was operated upon. My doctor performed an open surgery due to which I was unable to do any work for over one month. The pain persisted even after 3 weeks of surgery. I was very much disappointed that I was unable to complete any work.

However, my father told me not to worry about anything since he will be getting a new computer through office loan. He told me that I can work from home with help of the computer and will be able to earn reputation, recognition and of course little bit money by writing content.

I was working in a computer center as faculty till March 2002. I suffered a sudden severe stomach pain. I was admitted to a hospital and was put inside ICU. My doctor was unable to diagnose the exact problem. Finally, after 10 days, I was told that I am suffering from Jaundice. I was shocked. However, my father talked to my doctor and assured me that I will be cured within 10-15 days.

My father told me that he will get me a new computer with latest configuration (Intel Pentium at that time) so that I will be able to restart and expand my freelance related projects. I also suffered from Epilepsy and was again hospitalized for 15 days. I thought I will never be able to work again. However, my father was by my side all the time and told me that I will be able to work as usual after complete recovery.

After recovery, I worked hard and got Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for 9 consecutive years. I published several articles in print journals and also authored a technical book for a reputed publisher.

In November 2014, I lost job, which earned me little money to fulfil my medical bills. I told my father about the situation. He told me not to panic and work hard. My father told me that I will surely get another job better than the current job. He used to tell that there are several companies other than the one for which I worked previously.

My father was the biggest motivation right from my school days when I was unwell for several days. He brought me everything I require right from my school days. My father is also a big source of inspiration as he always told me to work hard even if there is a failure. He used to tell that life is like that and there will be ups and downs.

It was my father who inspired me to work hard so that I will become a great person one day.

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