IndiBlogHub Indian Blog Directory: The Ultimate Destination For Bloggers

With the rapid rise of the digital revolution, there has been a steady growth of bloggers. We now have bloggers who work in all niches such as politics, sports, technology, health and much more. Normally, bloggers work from inside their home as a freelancer instead of huge office spaces and cabins. There are blogs who employ staff via online and get the work done. Hence, you should establish a relationship with platforms such as IndiBlogHub through which you can discover, connect and collaborate with your fellow bloggers. In this article, we will examine the working of the IndiBlogHub in detail.

The IndiBlogHub is an exclusive Indian Blog Directory through which bloggers can discover new blogs and connect with them. Moreover, the Indian Blog Directory platform also offers paid opportunities for bloggers in the form of collaborations with third-party companies. The platform provides a list of all the blogs added to the platform. You can easily submit your blog and analyze data with the help of the ranking analytics and metrics generated on the dashboard.

To submit a new blog, you should select the “Submit New Blog” button. The IndiBlogHub provides an opportunity for registered blogs to accept guest posting offers. You just need to select Free Guest Posting Sites button to know the blogs that accept guest posts. You can either accept free guest posts or paid depending upon the requirements.


If you accept guest posts, you will receive emails from other bloggers to publish their articles on the Indian Blog Directory. In this way, you can increase the unique article count on your blog. Moreover, the relevant blogger from whom you receive the content will also promote on their social channels. The traffic to your blog will boost because of the social sharing activity.

The IndiBlogHub homepage also displays the list of active campaigns. If you have added your blog to the platform, you can participate in the campaign in return for cash or other related products. The home page also provides a list of newly added blogs with DA, Alexa rank and social reach. You can establish contact with the relevant blog from within the dashboard.

The Indian Blog Directory platform also provides several resources contributed by reputed writers using which you can improve the quality of your blog including SEO aspects. You will learn the various techniques required to boost traffic via social media with special coverage related to security. The home page also includes articles curated from various blogs registered with IndiBlogHub.

The IndiBlogHub publishes interviews with bloggers and you can read them directly from the home page. If you are a blogger, you can also submit answers to the Interview questions and get featured on the platform. The IndiBlogHub platform consists of bloggers all over India. You can search fellow bloggers based on each city from the homepage. You can also follow the blogger in case if you wish to communicate with him/her.

The IndiBlogHub includes a comprehensive blog directory where you can search and find blogs under a wide range of categories. The left side navigation includes categories and the right side provides the list of blogs with the image of the blogger, DA and social reach. The platform considers DA as the main criteria for various campaigns. The higher the DA, the greater will be the visibility of your blog on the directory.

IndiblogHub directory

If you select Free Guest Posting Sites from the footer section, you will be able to view a list of all blogs that accept guest posts. You will view the blog name, DA, Alexa rank, social reach including the guest post guidelines. You should note that the requirements of each blog differ and hence you should read them carefully.

IndiBlogHub guest posts

Each blogger registered on IndiBlogHub Indian Blog Directory will be provided with a unique profile page with details of the blog such as DA, Alexa rank, Moz Rank and social reach. The page also provides latest posts alongside related blogs on the left side. You can promote on social media and other channels with the profile URL.

If you are an Instagrammer, you can add the link on the profile URL section. The IndiBlogHub also provides a facility for the brands and agencies to create new campaigns. The platform is designed in such a way that it automatically notifies the influencers upon addition of a new campaign.

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