Book Review: I Owed You One

We all make promises, which we try to fulfill. The New Year resolutions are itself a form of promises. The “I Owed You One” authored by Dr. Madhu Vajpayee examines the story of promises and commitments including that of victory and defeat. We have been reading the book for the last few days and found it to be an excellent story with a catchy storyline.

The first section provides a glimpse of the childhood days of the prime character Dev Khanna. He was bit disappointed on Sundays because of one reason and you have to read the book to know more. The author delves deep into the various characters who played a pivotal role in his early life.

Munni appears on the scene and recollects all the past life of Dev’s father. She makes use of a nickname to call his father and mother, which denotes rich family. Dev’s mother is a self-trained entrepreneur since she learned the art with the help of the books. Meanwhile, dev’s father has been expanding the business. No doubt, childhood vacations will be very pleasant and memorable. The initial college days of dev doesn’t seem to be good since he entered into a quarrel with his friend. Interestingly, his fellow student recognized dev before he pronounced his name.

The author describes the problems faced by Dev regarding his mother after 6 months. his mother suffered pain and dev took him to a doctor. After all analysis, the doctor tells him a shocking story to him and his father. The contents provided on page 32 is really sad to read but it looks like a bitter truth. Dev tells his mother that she needs to be alright before the start of the vacation. His mother tells him that she can’t skip vacation because it’s her dream to send holidays. The remaining content revolves around characters such as Javed, Saira. Dev explains to his mother about the importance of reducing stress but his mother doesn’t know anything about her illness.

Dev left for Melbourne and the author provides the announcement made on the flight. in the crossroads chapter, the author provides how dev entered the Melbourne, hotel stay and attending to workplace etc. Dev met Radhika and they had a chat with each other. Radhika was bit sexy as far as her dress is concerned and both of them enjoyed the party, dance and late-night dinner. The storyline clearly states that dev got attracted with Radhika’s appearances.

Dev was bit aggressive and his mindset prompted him to do something great when she appeared again. The way in which he proposed her looks attractive and never done by someone before. The remaining story is all about his parents a home and his sweetheart Radhika. She accompanied dev to India after he got a phone call. Radhika clearly understood dev’s lifestyle and she asked him to be positive. Dev had to meet an unfortunate incident but she got full support from his girlfriend. The story turns a U-turn into a terribly unfortunate incident back in India.

The third chapter titled “The milestones” is a very long spanning over 80 pages. I noticed the emergence of several characters such as Zoya, Rita, with twist and turns. the final section named the destination also comprises of a gripping story. Dev makes a chronic effort to help Radhika understand the tale of missing kids but her mind speakers some other thing. Towards the middle of the book, you will find a letter, which is the main plot behind everything.

The “I Owed You One book” will be useful for book addicts and those who love to read fiction tales. The author has made a great attempt to present the story in a light and simple way. However, the chapters could have been broken down into several pieces to enable readers to go through the content easily.

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