Hug – The Way to Showcase Love and Affection

I suffered a stomach pain when I was in my native place long time back. I had to bear the pain for long time. I touched my father’s body and he went to a nearest doctor for medicines. It took 4 hours for him to return. He gave me a small pill which cured my pain. I slept by touching my father’s hand and woke up early morning.

I had to undergo an endoscopy examination in 2006. I searched the web and found that it is a difficult test. I hugged my father and went to the testing room. I didn’t face any difficulties and my father was my bed side. I think if I touch my father it gives a positive energy.

I suffered a huge abdominal pain in 2012. Around that time, my father also underwent a surgery and he was recovering. My illness caused serious difficulties for both of us. However, my father hugged and touched me several times. My doctor told me that I also need to undergo a surgery. However, after two days doctor told me that surgery is not required at this point of time. I felt relieved and touched my father. I feel that God cured my illness when I touched my father. Actually, I could not hug my father during treatment since I also suffered from calcium deficiency and could not sit or stand properly. My father understood and told me not to worry. My father also recovered from the surgery he faced around that time.

During treatment, I had to visit another doctor for expert advice. However, my father went to consult another physician. However, my father approached me when I was waiting to consult the doctor. He touched my hand and we both went to the consulting room. This shows the chemistry between both of us worked immensely during extreme difficult times.

As far as I am concerned, my father is precious. I need to take care of him in the same way that he cared for me. Hugging gave immense satisfaction to both of us during hard times.

I hugged and touched my father several times even during good times. I was awarded with Microsoft MVP award in 2002. My father got excited when he heard the news from me. He touched me and told “Good”. I used to hug and touch him several times when I get the award kit from Microsoft every year. He used to look at the contents inside the kit very carefully and will ask me to perform well.

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.”

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