House of Cards Season 5 – Episode 1 Review

The “House of Cards” is a famous TV show spanning across several seasons and is exclusively available on Netflix. The earlier shows created a huge wave among fans. The show exposes you the internals of the bright and luxurious The White House. Moreover, if you watch the House of Cards show, you will be able to recognize the mindset of people residing inside the presidential house. The show will be useful and interesting even if you are not impressed or interested with American politics.

The main highlight of the House of Cards revolves around Frank Underwood and Claire Underwood. The show highlights the Underwood’s highly capable political ambitions, which are twisted in such a way that you are glued to it. Furthermore, Frank and Claire work in close tandem with each other to settle and consolidate their power in a bid to capture the White House. The Season 5 is different in all aspects with the absence of Beau Willimon, who is the creator of the show.

The House of Cards season 5 show beings by examining how Frank and Claire tried to manage the fear of terrorism. Meanwhile, the Congress on the background initiated a serious debate to investigate Frank. If you would like to know the name of the person who decides to continue inside the White House, it is none other than Tom Yates.

During the first few moments of the show, Claire was seen addressing the camera in a terrific way. Moreover, Frank is compared with a real president.

While Claire presents a rapid-fire address to the nation, Frank interrupted the Congress session during the first few minutes of episode 1. Meanwhile, the Republicans tried to argue about the corruption expose by Hammerschmidt. You will view a series of twist and turns in the form of hoaxes and changes as a result of an extrajudicial murder of a US citizen.

If you watch the show, you will view a scene where Frank and Claire attempts to navigate a large crowd outside the White House using some kind of optical device. Even though people are trying to visualize the first couple, they are unable to actually view them. However, Frank and Claire can easily recognize people. Spoilers ahead.

The first episode also exposes the real face of Joshua Masterson and David Fincherian including ordering of death penalty for David.

The first episode of the House of Cards Season 5 syncs with the current real presidency of the United States. In Season 5, Frank also proposes an immigration ban similar to that of Donald Trump. Moreover, Trump’s argument about terrorism syncs deeply with Frank’s character. However, the season unleashes conspiracy between several characters.

The thirst to occupy the highest office inside the White House is highly reflected in the first episode. I am sure that the remaining episodes of the Season 5 consist of high decibel arguments. We are sure that there will be major twists during the remaining show. Hence, you have no other way other than to sit and watch the remaining episodes of the Season 5.

Rating: 10/10 #HOConZCafe

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