My Unforgettable Holi Memories

I spent my childhood days in a school where there are fewer celebrations. In fact, I along with a group of friends used to assemble near a big Tamarind tree near my school to discuss various aspects. I still remember that my friend approached me and asked about Holi.

One day, I along with my classmates visited another friend’s house who stay nearby my house. We played cricket and one of my friends told that today is Holi. Everyone stopped playing Cricket and began to exchange greetings which include color showers. It was a pleasant experience to remember. Moreover, a drink enclosed in a plastic cover was purchased from a nearby shop also called as Cold Storage and friends used to sit on the wall nearby the school for tasting it.

The school farewell function nicknamed as Social was organized on a Holi day and school authorities purchased sweets and color drinks. Everybody used to sit inside the classrooms and celebrated both Holi and Social on the same day.

Frankly, I was unaware of Holi at that time due to the absence of Television and Social Media. When I told no, my friend sprinkled colors on my face and shirts, which made me angry but I realized its goodness after my friends narrated the whole beauty behind Holi. After that, I used to ask my Mother to buy a set of colors and I used to take them to school during Holi.

After schooling, I went to a college where union leaders used to celebrate Holi in a grand style. Even though I will not be part of those celebrations, I used to watch them by sitting on the steps. It was an amazing experience to sit on the college steps with fresh air around and watch something beautiful. I still remember one student came forward and sprinkled color water and told Happy Holi.

After college, I migrated to another place and the people used to draw rangolis during holi. They are drawn in round shape using flowers and decorated nicely. Few years back, the association in our colony conduced a competition among residents and prizes were given to the group who drawn excellent rangolis.

Few years back when I was in college, colony authorities distributed sweet packets to celebrate Holi. Each sweet packet contains a special greeting card wishing Healthy and Safe Holi. I wish social media was available at that time since I will be able to share photos at that time.

I am sure the above mentioned golden memories will not come again but will remain in my heart forever.

I’m pledging to #KhulKeKheloHoli this year by sharing my Holi memories at BlogAdda in association with Parachute Advansed.

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