Guide to Continuous Delivery Expanded with DevOps Implementation and Management by DZone

DZone, the world’s largest content curation portal for developer community has published 2015 edition of the Guide to Continuous Delivery research whitepaper. The guide provides insights gathered from IT Professional through a survey.

The guide is considered as a premium resource focused on continuous integration and DevOps management trends, strategies and tools. It provides an overview of Continuous Delivery practices and how continuous delivery affects many aspects of an organization.

The guide has been expanded to cover various areas of DevOps implementation and management, and provides coverage of how the industry has changed in the last year.

The Guide to Continuous Delivery begins with a brief overview of summary and key takeaways followed by key research findings. DZone has embedded the survey results in between pages to provide more attraction to readers.

Guide to Continuous Delivery

As per the official statistics of DZone, more than 900 IT professionals responded to the survey out of which 65% were software developers and engineers. Moreover, 62% of respondents come from large organizations and 38% from small companies.

Nearly 48% of respondents were from Europe followed by 28% from US and remaining countries.  DZone has provided a detailed content of why the division between Dev and Ops is closing.

The Guide to Continuous Delivery provides the required pre-requisites for a successful enterprise continuous delivery implementation. This content has been authored by Cyrille Le Clerc, Director, Product Management, Cloudbees.

The Guide to Continuous Delivery is a ready reference reckoner for software engineers, project managers and consultants who wish to make use of DevOps for their software development requirements.

The Guide to Continuous Delivery includes additional content authored by reputed professionals.

  • Choosing CD Tools That Bring Your Team Together – Matthew Skelton
  • Fostering DevOps Through A Testing Center of Excellence – JP Morgenthal
  • Are Containers Part of Your IT Strategy? –  Jim Bugwadia
  • Beyond Tooling and Process: the Culture of Continuous Delivery – Andrew Phillips
  • Continuous Delivery: From Theory to Practice – Yaron Parasol

The Guide to Continuous Delivery also includes an infographic on Continuous Delivery. It also includes Continuous Delivery Maturity Checklist 2.0 for beginners, intermediate, advanced and expert professionals. The checklist is divided into five categories such as Source Control, Build Process, Deployment and Testing & QA in addition to visibility. You will also find maturity scorecard with a legend which measures how good you are.

Overall Maturity Scorecard

Towards the end of the Guide to Continuous Delivery, DZone has provided a solutions directory with a list of configuration management, continuous integration, application release automation and browser testing tools developed by various companies. The guide ends with a glossary of important terms.

The Guide to Continuous Delivery has been published in association with leading companies like ActiveState, Ansible, CA Technologies, CloudBees, Dynatrace, Redgate, Sauce labs and Snap.


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