Good Sanitation Creates Healthy Life

Sanitation is one of the most essential parts of every human individual. Without a good and clean toilet, people will find it difficult to perform their essential activities. No only good sanitation facilities, but also great products from companies such as Domex are essential to keep the toilets clean.

The school in which I studied didn’t had a good toilet. There will be a long place where students will openly urinate. I had to face severe health problems and had to suffer the smell which originates from the toilets.

The college in which I studied also had a similar kind of toilet. However, it had privacy walls inside the main toilet room which will be like a big hall. I can still remember the huge bad smell which originated from the toilet.

Imagine, Physics lab was just near the toilet. Moreover, the college canteen was just near the toilet and students will eat by suffering the smell. After college, I did my graduation via distance mode. So I didn’t have to face another 3 years of bad smell.

I had to tolerate bad smell in toilet when I visited a Government school to appear for IIT-JEE examination.

In 2000, I joined a computer training center as faculty. Initially, I was posted in their center which is far away from the city. However, the toilet facility was superb there. There will be no smell. However, there were only two toilets for all the students, staffs and faculties. I feel that there should be at least three toilets in computer training centres taking into account of girls.

After some time, they opened up a center near Trivandrum city. However, the sanitation facility at that place was totally bad. I had to urinate in an open place for some time. Then they opened a toilet which didn’t have any proper flushing system. Moreover, drinking water was stored inside the bathroom which was very dangerous. I used to take water in a bottle from home.

However, I have seen many students washing their hands using the water from the bathroom. The smell from the toilet was intolerable.

As a result of poor sanitation, I suffered Jaundice and had to be hospitalized for nearly three weeks. Initially, the doctor failed to diagnose correctly. After few days, they detected the problem as chronic jaundice. Somehow, my doctor treated me and I partially recovered within 10 days.

I quit the job after recovery and had been working from home for nearly 12 years.

The poor sanitation really took a heavy toll on my life. I would say it really destroyed my body especially bones. I also suffered from Epilepsy after recovering from Jaundice.

Domex is doing a great job by introducing new products and by encouraging state governments to create good quality sanitation for the people via #ToiletForBabli. In fact, Domex should create toilet kiosks at major places in each cities and distribute printed messages which motivate people not to defecate publicly.

Education and Awareness are important to create good sanitation.

I used to check out toilets in railway stations when I travel to my native place, which is a remote village in Tamil Nadu. I also saw similar kind of toilet in Madurai railway station waiting room. You will experience the bad smell when you walk in to the toilet room.

Similarly, we experience smell from toilets when we travel in trains. Indian Railways should appoint more cleaning staff to maintain good sanitation. Moreover, food items should be kept near train toilets. I recently saw one such news in TV. Railwya should appoint one cleaning manager in each train to oversee sanitation.

From my point of view, good quality sanitation is very essential for better health. You cannot do any job if you suffer from illness resulting from poor sanitation.

When I travel to my native place few years back, I had to urinate in a public place. This is because there were no other options available for people during long distance travels. State Government should open more public toilets which should be clean and dirt free.

Our state governments are not at all concerned about sanitation. If they had thought about good sanitation, then our lives would have been improved several years back.

I think state governments are slowly coming to reality. They have opened several mobile toilets in several places in Trivandrum. According to a statement issued recently by Trivandrum Dsitrict Collector, Mr. Biju Prabhakar IAS, the installed mobile toilets were unusable upon his personal inspection. However, corporation officials dismissed collector’s allegations.

This mentality should change. If a senior level IAS officer complains then concerned officials should immediately visit and inspect the premises. If there is any wrong then steps should be taken to resolve the matter at the earliest.

People defacating in public places should be heavily fined. Government should monitor such bad activities by installing spy cameras.

I used to ask my brother about his daughters school bathroom when he visits India. He once told me that each classroom has a attached toilet. It will be cleaned every day and there will be no single sign of smell. The school santation facility in USA are of top class like a 5 star hotel. I am amazed by his reply. I wonder if our schools also has such kind of toilets.

State government in association with corporation and companies like Domex should build comfort stations at several places. In my area, there is one comfort station but I don’t know if there are adequate facilities available there.

Government of India should frame a new law making good quality sanitation compulsory in schools and colleges. If there are no quality toilets, then the license should be cancelled immediately. Tough laws should be created to create quality sanitation facilities.

We should move forward. Our next generations should not face any difficulties resulting from poor sanitation.

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