Fiddler Gets Better with Enhanced Features in 2015

Telerik acquired Fiddler Web Debugger in September 2012. Initially, the version number was 2.4.1 but as of the time of this writing, the version is 4.6.2.

The Fiddler changelog has been grown by over 1700 entries and many new features, tweaks and fixes have been added. Telerik has improved the performance and functionality hs been improved.

Fiddler is compatible with all the latest versions of mobile platforms and browsers which include Microsoft Edge. Telerik has added improvements in areas such as Image Analysis, WebSocket inspection, API Testing, extensibility, UI customization and PCAP import.


The developer who is in charge of Fiddler has released a book – Debugging with Fiddler. Telerik has also released commercial version of Fiddler which provides an ability to build Fiddler-like functionality into their applications via the FiddlerCore class library.

Telerik introduced Jenkins CI server to keep track of build breaks across various platforms and also added unit tests for critical functionality.

The company is planning to enhance Fiddler with engineering process improvements in 2016.

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