F# Aims to Bring in More Community Feedback in 2015

Microsoft introduced a button which enable developers to provide feedback. It also enables community members to contribute to the open engineering for Visual F#.

As you may be aware, F# language has been open source for years concentrated around the F# Open Edition and the official website of FSharp. However, the above development ensured that Microsoft’s Visual F# tools accept contributions and do daily development in the open.

Visual FSharp

As of today there were around 37 code contributors, 300 pull requests, 420 issues and 488 commits. There was a steady influx of contributions in the form of bug fixes, documentation improvements, runtime APIs, codegen optimizations, language features and more.

Microsoft has released Visual F# 3.1.2 in August 2014 by incorporating all these features. Microsoft hopes that 2015 will be more better since the key features of the .NET ecosystem will be open sourced. Moreover, you can also expect cross platform support.

“On this occasion we offer our thanks to our contributors and users, and ask that you join us in continuing to make F# and the Visual F# tools the best they can be,” mentions Visual FSharp Team, Microsoft.

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