Interview with Jeff Fox on Embarcadero RAD Solution Pack

Embarcadero RAD Solution Pack recently released by Embarcadero Technologies is a complete collection of VCL and FMX tools and components designed to enhance applications and boost productivity for developers using  RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder. The RAD Solution Pack delivers charting, reporting, grids, UI controls, debugging, analytics, Internet of Things (IoT) components and tools in a single solution.

Embarcadero RAD Solution Pack includes VCL and FMX tools and components for RAD Studio, Delphi, and C++ Builder. It also includes perpetual licenses and maintenance which enable customers to have access to latest charting, reporting, grids, UI controls, debugging, analytics, IoT tools and components.

RAD Studio 10 Seattle

In an exclusive interview with Learnxpress, Jeff Fox, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Embarcadero Technologies shared more information about Embarcadero Unveils RAD Solution Pack. He also explained to us the kind of applications that can be developed using RAD Studio 10 Seattle.

Learnxpress: Can you share with us the real purpose behind the development of RAD Solution Pack?

Embarcadero Technologies sought to provide developers the best components available for RAD Studio, Delphi, and C++Builder. We met with many companies trying to cultivate truly exceptional offerings. By offering these components directly, we are passing the savings on to our customers and ensuring they will always have the latest version support – as they will be updated when we release new versions of RAD Studio, Delphi, and C++Builder.

Learnxpress: What are the main features of RAD Solution Pack?

The RAD Solution Pack is the ultimate collection of VCL and FMX tools and components for Delphi and C++Builder to enhance application development and boost productivity. Specifically, it delivers charting, reporting, grids, UI controls, debugging, analytics, and IoT components and tools into a single high powered and cost effective solution.

Learnxpress: Can I build .NET applications using RAD Solution Pack?

The primary focus of the RAD Solution Pack is supporting VCL and FMX applications. A few products like AppAnalytics do support .NET applications.

Learnxpress: What kind of applications can be developed with RAD Studio 10 Seattle?

RAD Studio 10 Seattle is the fastest way to build and update data-rich, hyper connected, visually engaging applications for Windows 10, OS X, Mobile, IoT and more using Object Pascal and C++. Developers can quickly and easily bring their apps and customers to Windows 10 with a wide range of Windows 10 enabling features such as new Windows 10 VCL Controls, VCL and FMX UI Styles, and UWP (Universal Windows Platform) services like notifications.

Learnxpress: Is it possible to build an Android app without any coding using RAD Studio 10 Seattle?

Yes, you can write an Android application with RAD Studio 10 Seattle with little or no code. We provide UI templates to get developers started, and components for user interface design, database access, cloud services and more. Our LiveBindings Designer makes it easy to visually connect UI elements to data. For example, developers can visually bind a list control to cloud based data using our REST and BaaS (backend as a service) component framework and LiveBindings Designer. With RAD Studio 10 Seattle, they can see live data at design-time right inside the IDE, and easily go from prototype to production.

We also provide support for sensors and services, such as using maps, location services, advertising, background services and more in Android applications. With RAD Studio 10 Seattle, developers can write their code once and then deploy it to iOS, Android, Windows and OS X.

Learnxpress: Can I develop a simple Android app like retrieving articles from RSS feeds using RAD Studio 10 Seattle?

Yes, RAD Studio 10 Seattle makes developing Android apps easy.  Developers can quickly build an application that retrieves articles from RSS feeds; we have demos that show you how to do that.

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