DevSpace Productivity App Released

DevSpace is a productivity app developed as part of Microsoft Garage Project. It enables developers to connect to Visual Studio Online (VSO) project via Windows Phone. You will be able to manage projects and work space items from within your Phone.


Some of the important features of DevSpaces are as shown below

  • View, Close and Assign Workitems
  • Execute Workitem Queries
  • View Builds and Queue a build
  • Push notification for builds
  • View change history (GIT, TFS) and details
  • Secondary tiles support for workitems, builds, changesets and queries
  • Sign in with your Live Id or Organizational Account
  • Scrum book page view to show last build and last change
  • Cortana integration (Voice commands) to queue build, close tasks, open scrumbook and open builds etc

DevSpaces Git Commits

The main aim of Microsoft Garage is to turn fresh ideas into real projects. The team has also added an option – Enable Cortana in Settings.

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