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With a huge influx of motorcycles and vehicles, the pollution level in Delhi NCR is at the worst level. It is so bad that even Supreme Court had issued directions to ban crackers during Diwali Festival. It is absolutely essential to curb not only the pollution but also to enhance the environment. Vodafone, the popular mobile service provider has launched a wide range of projects not only to create an eco-friendly environment but also to simplify the lifestyle to a great extent. In this article, we will explore the various steps taken by Vodafone in Delhi NCR in association with the district administration to provide a smooth eco-friendly working life and smart living style.

Free Wi-Fi Zones

As part of the Digital India initiative, Vodafone has established digital connectivity in Delhi and NCR with the help of free Wi-Fi hotspots. As of this writing, there are over 120 hotspots in various locations such as Fortis Hospital, Khan Market, Delhi Haat, Airport and DLF Mall of India. The company is planning to add more Wi-Fi hotspots across the city. The main purpose of free Internet connectivity is to help people to keep track of their work on the go. For example, you can complete a simple work before reaching home from your office while traveling on the Bus.

Motivating Startups

Vodafone has launched a mega initiative to help startups and prospective future entrepreneurs from the early incubation stage. As part of this program, Vodafone provides products manufactured by the company to enable owners to run the business smoothly. The company has provided products worth Rs. 2,00,000 free of cost to emerging startup businesses such as Zomato and Oyo. The main aim of providing free products is to motivate new generation youngsters to start their own companies and establishment.

Air Purification

Vodafone recently launched the first Air-Purifying bus shelter in Delhi NCR to enable people to breathe pollution free air while waiting for a bus. The company took this bold step in 2016 to combat the worst ever air pollution in the city. Moreover, Vodafone also launched the first Wi-Fi bus shelter in Gurgaon in a bid to digitize the city. The advantage of the free Wi-Fi offering is that people can make use of it free of cost for 20 minutes even though they are not a customer of Vodafone.

Green Diwali

During Diwali, Vodafone conducted the Green Diwali campaign from October 16 to 19 by showcasing Super Crackers and E-Phuljhari across its 52 stores in Delhi & NCR region. The company motivated customers to create eco-friendly Virtual phuljharis or E-Phuljharis using Augmented Reality Technology. The environment-friendly crackers mainly comprised of plant seeds with air purifying features. You just need to plant it as per the directions and it will bloom over the period of time. The E-Phuljhari includes a unique customized GIF greeting that can be shared via social media. Vodafone also provided gift hampers with exciting personalized offers to select customers.

The main intention of the Green Diwali initiative was to drastically slash the overall pollution levels and to promote safe and healthy living atmosphere. Moreover, the mobile provider is trying not only to implement positive changes but also to create an awareness among the people to reduce air pollution. The recent Supreme Court judgment was an eye opener for Vodafone and the Green Diwali initiative was conducted to fulfill the aspirations of people who would like to celebrate Diwali in a grand style without harming the environment.

Unusual Gifting

As part of the Diwali festival, Vodafone India distributed a fitness tracker to over 10000+ employees instead of sweets, chocolates, candles, dry fruits and lamps. This includes employees serving in Delhi NCR. The tracker also includes a personalized personal health mentoring subscription, which can be monitored via the app. The main aim is to create an awareness among the employees for the need to maintain proper health and fitness with the help of a trending gadget integrated with the latest technology.

It is to be noted that Vodafone is the primary choice of more than one crore customers in Delhi NCR, which equates to half of the overall population. Moreover, the company receives plenty of appreciation and accolades for customers every 30 seconds.  #CelebratingSuper

The company should make effective use of Air Purifiers to curb pollution to a great extent. Moreover, an awareness should be created among people to reduce the use of plastic bags. The burning of garbage waste should be stopped with immediate effect. The Government should find an empty place or land and establish garbage disposal plant. Going forward, the Vodafone will implement several projects to promote eco-friendly and healthy living environment for a better smarter future.

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