Data Protection: A Prerequisite for Delivering Agile IT Services

Data Protection is the most crucial aspect you need to keep in mind while delivering agile IT services. If you are concerned about data protection, you need to consider joining Jon Toigo webcast organized by Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine (MCP) online edition.

For all of the analyst speak about agile data centers, and the integration of elastic infrastructure, service-oriented operations, and automated IT intelligence, the truth is that the agile vision has some key prerequisites that we ignore at our own risk.  One of these is reliable data protection.

Getting to agile IT will require the introduction of new technology and new processes to augment or replace existing ones.  That in turn introduces variability and risk into the data center.  Moreover, server virtualization and high availability architecture requires bullet-proof data replication functionality and unprecedented levels of network reliability.

In this webcast sponsered by Symantec, Jon Toigo will outline the many hurdles that must be surmounted to realize the agile vision and explain how tools and technology can facilitate strategic goals.

Data Protection: A Prerequisite for Delivering Agile IT Services webcast will be held on Wednesday, August 27th at 11am PT / 2pm ET

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