Save Water For The Future Generations With #CuttingPaani

Water is precious and is an essential part of our lives right from morning to night. It’s true that without water, you cannot live. Hence, you should take proper steps to save water when it is available. If you are consuming water in plenty on a daily basis without thinking about the future, you will end up in a problem when the water supply gets disrupted.

Nowadays, there is a growing awareness among the people regarding the need to conserve water. The Government is taking steps to promote water conservation with the help of advertisements in print and digital media. The respective water department in each state should establish pump houses to store the required amount of water. They should take adequate steps to save rainwater. The month of March and April demand heavy consumption of water and there will be a severe shortage if steps are not taken properly on time.

That said, the current situation of water conservation is pathetic because many states already experiencing water shortage due to chronic heat. The groundwater has completely vanished and this is creating troubles for people living in villages. Gone are days where we used to pump water manually and store water in big containers. Even if you install a pump, water won’t fill and you have to perform dredging deeply and install underground motors.

To conserve water and also to avoid shortages, the authorities should try to erect overhead sheets across pumping stations to prevent water from being evaporated due to heat. Moreover, closed pump houses should try to store plenty of rainwater. The Government should provide subsidies to people to establish rainwater purification plants inside their houses. The best alternative is to provide subsidies for Sintex water tanks to enable people to store rainwater and from the pumps. During the rainy season, the tanks can be left opened and the water will be filled. Even though cleaning is not possible, the water can be used for washing and other purposes.

Plugging leakages

The water department officials should pump water from nearby dams during the month of January and store them inside their reservoirs to avoid shortage during peak summer. Moreover, the authorities should appoint inspectors to check and plug leaks on a monthly basis. Sometimes, there will be pipeline leaks on both underground and outside walls, which is difficult to notice by consumers. Hence, inspectors should verify the pipelines, which originate from the water meter to ensure that they are leak proof. This step will help you to not only save water via #CuttingPaani but also reduces drastic and unexpected bill charges.

Going forward, we will witness a huge spike in the consumption of water globally. With the growth of high-rise buildings, hospitals, hotels, and railway stations, there will be a need for water on a continuous basis. You should try to save water and should also teach others about it through social media and other platforms. Can you image one day without water? If you answer is no, you should take steps to conserve water as mentioned below.

Conserving Water

You can save water on a daily basis in several ways. Firstly, you should check all taps and pipelines for possible leakages. there will be minor leak due to a faulty washer on a tap. If you notice a leak, it should be rectified with the help of your plumber. You should install showerheads that help you to save water and make use of low flush toilets. You can use buckets for bathing instead of showers. You just need to fill the bucket the water and use a mug for bathing. if you use showers, then water will be wasted if you use it without a break.

Close taps when not in use

It is advisable to turn off the water pipe while brushing teeth or during shaving. After washing toothbrush, turn off the pipe while brushing. You will be able to save plenty of water. If you had frozen any food in the refrigerator, you should defrost inside the fridge to save water. You should rinse vegetables in a pan with water instead of opening the tap and washing. Similarly, while washing utensils, you should close the tap when water is not required. You should use washing machines only when required. the fully automated washing machines consume plenty of water and hence use it with caution.

You should store drinking water either in a pot or stainless-steel container. It is not advisable to store water in a huge container because if there is a hole, then the entire water will be lost. if you use water purifiers, you should check the water level of the container once in every 10 minutes. If you have a water pump, you should not use it for more than 10 minutes to avoid overflow. You should verify the water level on the tank and then operate it once again depending upon the requirement.

Talking about outdoors, you should use minimal use for gardening with sprinklers to avoid entry of water on the road or street. The best way is to use a bucket full of water and mug to clean the steps. If you are not following the steps mentioned above, you should start doing it from now onwards. You will notice visible changes within few days. Moreover, your bi-monthly water bill will drastically reduce if you use water only when required.

If you are using water only when required and save on a daily basis, it will help other people to consume water without any shortage. Hence, the action carried out will create a positive impact not only for you but also among the whole community. Moreover, farmers will get the due share of water and their fields will flourish if you adopt #CuttingPaani technique.

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