Book Review: Computers for Seniors

Nowadays, computers have been part and parcel of daily life. The use of computers has spread to a large scale that even not only students but also senior citizens are making aggressive use of both PCs and laptops. Although students will learn the concepts without any assistance, senior people will find it difficult to grasp the content. Hence, they should make use of books such as Computers for Seniors. Authored by Chris Ewin, Carrie Ewin, and Cheryl Ewin, the Computers for Seniors book examines each and every aspect involved with Windows 10.

The Computers for Seniors book is divided into 14 lessons. The first lesson provides a basic introduction to computers including the steps required to open and close apps. In the second lesson, you will learn some of the useful apps included with Windows 10 including Calendar, Weather, and Solitaire game apps.

While lesson 3 helps you to learn the usage of the Photos app, the lesson 4 provides the steps involved in receiving and sending emails. You will learn how to transfer photos from your smartphone, digital camera in addition to sending images as attachments.

The lessons 5, 6 and 7 examine basic concepts involved with the Internet, performing search operations including watch TV and videos from within the PC. You can download several apps from the Windows store and lesson 8 shows you how to do this. It is also possible to listen to music online free of cost and lesson 9 shows you this in detail.

The lesson 10 of the Computers for Seniors book examines the steps required to read ebooks, while lesson 11 enables you to perform call-related (audio/video) operations with Skype. WordPad is the oldest word processing tool included with Windows. If you would like to learn how to type letters and documents using WordPad, you should turn to lesson 12.

The lesson 14 helps you to learn about the usage of the files and folders including the organization of images, documents, and other related content. In this online age, you need to be careful while interacting with your PC. Moreover, your computer should be free from unwanted viruses. The lesson 14 delves deep into the various aspects involved in the security of your system.

Each lesson includes a detailed explanation followed by important points in numbers. The authors also make use of bullets and also shows you a sample scam email in the final lesson, which we help will benefit users to a large extent. The lessons also make use of the figures to explain the concepts. Towards the end of the book, you will find answers to activity. It will help readers to find answers to activities which they are not aware of.

I highly recommend Computers for Seniors not only for senior people but also for students and all those users who are new to the computing world. I appreciate the efforts of the author to present facts in a concise manner.

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