The curious case of old electronic devices – #CleanUpCashOut

It’s easy to purchase electronic devices such as smartphones, computers, and laptops but it is very difficult to sell them. You will never be able to sell the gadgets for the price you purchased. The #CleanUpCashOut process is very difficult than you imagine. You will face several hurdles while selling or disposing of old electronic devices.

I had purchased a personal computer with a big LG CRT monitor way back in 1997. My father purchased the PC when I was recovering from an illness. The main purpose was to learn Windows, FoxPro, and Internet. However, the system was slow that I had to wait for several minutes for it to boot. My first online purchase was through a popular e-commerce store, which was famous during 2002 to 2005.

In 2003, I was unable to work with my old PC because an electric spark from the UPS destroyed the whole PC. I replaced the SMPS but the system worked in an erratic manner. I decided to purchase a new PC with the Intel Pentium processor, which was famous around that time. I also purchased a new Samsung monitor, which was very big because of the size.

After working with the new PC, I decided to #CleanUpCashOut. I postponed the selling process because I had nice memories with the computer. I never had an intention to sell it but the lack of space was the prime problem. I kept the old computer until 2007 when I decided to sell it off to free up space. Moreover, there is no point in keeping old computer without using for a long time.

I decided to sell by giving advertisement in newspapers due to lack of online marketplaces. My friend told me that it’s not worth to give a paid ad in newspapers. The ad appeared and I got several phone calls.

A person asked me whether he can watch TV on it. I told him that a TV Tuner card is required to watch the TV channels but I declined to provide an assurance regarding its working. However, the person wanted to watch TV directly. I told him it is not possible and he requires a little money for the tuner card and help of a technician.

I had to face several questions from people like why I am disposing of the old computer. I was also bit afraid to sell the computer to strangers because I really will not be able to know the purpose for which they will make use of the computer. My father told me to be careful. Even though I got several calls from the ads, none of them were interested.

I still remember a query from a customer asking me whether the computer will have a photograph of Bill Gates. Suddenly, a student called me and asked he require bulk photographs of actor Mohanlal inside the computer I am selling. I patiently listened to all the questions.

Finally, I contacted a local shop and sold the computer for a lower price. I was not in a position to sell the device to strangers without knowing the background. I also sold a computer monitor, which I purchased in 2009 to a local shop. However, the owner asked me whether the monitor includes a computer.

In 2011, I purchased a large 24-inch LED monitor but I could not use it due to some problems. I sold it within two months of purchase by posting an advertisement in a local online forum. I managed to sell it at half price ut the buyer was hesitant to pay. He asked me several questions before giving cash.

The main reason for selling the big items locally is because of the fact that I can meet the person directly. Moreover, I can avoid huge shipping charges. I had purchased several items over the span of several years from 2008. Initially, I had planned to purchase a new PC but I dropped the idea due to space crunch.

I sold several items such as computer case fans and even a big CPU cooler through online forums, which is safe. I sold the cooler to a person based in Gujarat and he asked me whether he can use it for cooling the room. I told him to consult a computer technician after the receipt of the item with a smile.

I also managed to sell an old computer chair by posting an advertisement in a local city forum group. The person bargained with me but I declined. In the end, they paid the money and took away the chair.

Nowadays, I only refer selling old items via online forums because I have choices. If one person is bargaining heavily, I can wait for the turn of the next person. I have good memories when it comes to selling old items.

I still have plenty of old smartphones, gadgets including an old Toshiba laptop lying around various places inside the shelves. I am sure I will have interesting moments while selling them in the future. #CleanUpCashOut

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