How to Fix Canon MP 145 Error 4 Message

I have Canon MP145 printer which I purchased several years back. I keep on changing the ink cartridge once in every year. I used to think about purchasing new generation printers like HP Advantage but I keep on changing plans.

Recently, I came across Error 4 when I switched on Canon MP145 printer. I thought the error will be because of the cartridge being empty. I also ordered new cartridges from a reputed ecommerce store. However, when the new cartridges reached my home, I thought to perform some tricks. Actually, there will be a solution for each and every problem.

I pressed Stop/Reset button for around 5-10 seconds and the printer was back to normalcy. I saw “1” on the LCD display. I also tested by printing documents and it worked perfectly. The only problem was that my color cartridge was empty. But I don’t mind as long as I am able to print. Anyway, I keep the new cartridges as a replacement in future.

I was planning to purchase a new HP Ink Advantage printer but I dropped the idea since my current Canon is working well. Error 4 doesn’t necessarily mean you need to change the ink cartridge.

If you experience Error 4 in either Canon MP145 printer or any of the other Canon printer models, try the above trick and post your comment here.

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