My Billion Dollar Selfie Experience

Nowadays, selfies have become an integral part of our lives. If you have captured a selfie, then it will become a memory that you can cherish for a lifetime. It could be behind the lake, family, friends, office colleagues or a beautiful selfie of yourselves.

I managed to snap a selfie when my brother’s recent visit from abroad using my own smartphone. The beautiful selfie includes all my family members. After capturing the selfie, I emailed the file to all of our cousins and they liked it very much. This selfie creates happiness because I can easily have a glimpse of all family members in a nutshell.

My father usually doesn’t pose for selfies but he agreed to come on the scene when I captured the selfie. My father still asks me why he opened he smiled like that while the selfie is being captured. I told him that he could have told something to myself to position the smartphone in a particular way.


On the back, you can spot my brother’s daughter. She is an emerging Bharatanatyam performer and her smile itself speaks a lot. I recollect old memories of their visit whenever I see the selfie. I recently emailed this selfie to her and she immediately replied back with the details of her previous visit.

Mobiistar is gearing up to establish the presence in the Indian market to disrupt the selfie experience. The main highlight of the Mobiistar handset is the integration of a dual selfie camera on the front with the ability to capture images in a stunning 120-degree wide-angle shot.

The main benefit of the Mobiistar’s 120-degree wide-angle selfie camera sensor is that you will be able to snap images easily with a wide coverage. You can focus and bring in picturesque sceneries and people while capturing images using the front camera in such a way to create an engaging selfie experience. You can have real fun with your loved ones with the help of an impressive dual selfie camera integrated with the Mobiistar smartphone.

In addition to the selfie camera, the #mobiistar handset will also ship with a powerful Snapdragon processor, which enables you to work quickly and smoothly. Moreover, the device will be integrated with a long-lasting battery for unlimited fun. The company also revealed that the Mobiistar on Flipkart will be available at an attractive price.

Without the emergence of the selfie technology, this could not have been possible because it’s difficult to bring all people on a single frame. Moreover, the selfie creates a positive mood whenever I am facing problems with the work. The more people you bring in to the smartphone frame, the more charm it creates in future.

The best point to note is that you can share the selfie experience across all social media platforms, which will ultimately create a viral trend. The recollection of the past is the best when it comes to the selfie since it creates a positive vibe coupled with natural expression.

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