Balanced Diet helps your children to catch up on lost growth

Today’s Childrens are tomorrow’s growth leaders, engineers and doctors. To enable them to achieve the desired objective, parents should provide them with healthy and nutritious food from the early stages of life. Moreover, the children should eat balanced diet daily in such a way that proper supply of vitamins and minerals enter their body through both food and natural sources like fruits and vegetables.

If proper nutrition is not provided to the children then it will lead to unhealthy growth, which in turn affects their height and weight. If the children didn’t attained proper physical dimensions till 10 years then it will be difficult for them to grow, which will also cause severe health problems.

Nowadays, children need to attend school during early morning hours like 6.30 AM or 7 AM. However, mothers should make sure to provide their children with a healthy breakfast. For example, 3 pieces of Idly or Dosa along with vegetable salad or sambar with all important vegetables are sufficient for the children to attend classes without any problem. If you are a working mother, you can give children with Uppuma or Aval (Rice Flakes), which contain plenty of Vitamin C.

I would not recommend Pizzas and Burgers during morning time since these foods contain plenty of fats, which will hurt the physical dimensions of children when they grow up.

Instead of junk foods, children should make it a habit to eat plenty of fruits like Apples, Oranges, Grapes, Bananas. These fruits contain plenty of natural vitamins, which is very much required for children to catch up on lost growth. Even if you kid is 12 years old, he/she should eat fruits and they will be able to increase height and weight within few days before they attain 18 years of age.

Instead of Coffee or Tea, Children should drink one glass of Milk mixed with Horlicks Growth+ morning and evening after returning from school. If you are unaware Horlicks Growth+ is a specialized product manufactured by Horlicks in association with international nutrition and paediatric experts. Designed for children’s from 3 to 9 years of age, the Horlicks Growth+ consists of plenty of vitamins and minerals for those who have decreased height and weight.

For intervals, children should eat those biscuits which contain vitamins such as those manufactured by Horlicks. Parents should avoid cream biscuits since they contain unhealthy components. If mothers are not working then they can themselves prepare home-made biscuits using flour, little sugar and sunflower oil, which will not only be tasty but also fresh. Even though chips are harmful, I would recommend them once in a while and not on a daily basis.

Your Children should eat rice, curd and vegetables for lunch alongside fruits. For evening, you should provide your kid with milk shake mixed with Horlicks Growth+ since it contains added nutrients that are beneficial for the children to catch up on lost growth. Moreover, the product has been clinically certified by doctors and you will be able to view visible increase in growth in children in less than six months if given daily.

I would suggest all parents to provide their children with one piece of fresh carrot (uncooked) on a daily basis since it will provide enough vitamins for the growth of eye.

During night time, it is recommended for your children to have light food like rice and curd with few vegetables. No doubt, one cup of curd will boost not only physical but also mental health of children to a large extent.

In addition to food and nutrition products like Horlicks Growth+, parents should encourage their children to play after returning from school on a daily basis since it will provide all the required energy and happiness they deserve.

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