Baby Safe Natural Mosquito Repellent

Mosquitoes are tiny creatures that invade your house not only at night but also during daytime. You should take special care to prevent the dangerous Mosquitoes from biting your kids since they are prone to infections. Moreover, your kids will cry if the mosquitoes bite them at night. Hence, you need to stay protected by using advanced Mosquito Repellents exclusively available for kids such as Good Knight Activ+ and Good Knight Patches.

Good Knight Activ+

Good Knight Activ+ is one of the best electronic mosquito repellent, which helps you to stay protected against mosquitoes. Tagged with “Push Karo Khush raho“, the Good Knight Activ+ enables you to switch between normal and Activ+ mode depending on the total number of mosquitoes.

Good Knight Activ+

Good Knight Activ+ is manufactured in such a way to ensure a low power consumption. The dual mode provides an ability to choose either normal or Activ+ mode depending upon the total number of mosquitoes in your room. Moreover, the Activ+ refill includes a high calibre porous wick with consistent flow.


To use Good Knight Activ+, you need to uncap the Active+ Cartridge and load it into the machines. You just need to plug in the Activ+ system into the socket and the Orange color will glow. The product will begin to work immediately to get rid of mosquitoes in a safe manner.

The main advantage of Good Knight Activ+ is the ability to get rid of mosquitoes without any harmful chemicals. You need not have to take any cake and insert it into the tray. You just need to plugin after performing the initial work as outlined in the product package.

You can activate the Good Knight Activ+ machine during the day as well depending upon the mosquito infestation. However, you should note that the Activ+ mode consumes more liquid than the standard mode.

According to Good Night, you should keep the doors and windows closed for 30 minutes from the time of activation of the Activ+ system for enhanced efficiency. The Activ+ is available in a wide range of colors including Gold, which gives a royal look to your living and bedroom.


You can purchase Good Knight Activ+ machine bundled with a refill in a 45ml package for Rs. 78 from BigBasket, Amazon India and all retail stores including supermarket chains across India. If you would like to protect your kids in a safe way, you should make use of the best mosquito repellent for kids.

Good Knight Patches

Good Knight Patches are baby safe patches, which provides eight hours of protection from mosquitoes in an outdoor environment. Moreover, the baby safe mosquito repellent patches are manufactured from 100 percent pure natural raw oils that keep the harmful mosquitoes at bay.


Your baby will be protected for 8 hours from a wide range of mosquitoes, which spreads dengue, malaria, and chikungunya. Moreover, the patches are developed using citronella oil coupled with eucalyptus oil.

Good Knight Patches

You can safely use the baby safe natural repellent patch since they are extremely safe for public consumption. Furthermore, the superior quality fabric and glue used in the product makes sure that the product doesn’t create any irritation or stains during removal.

To use Good Knight Patches, you need to open the pouch and remove the two patches. You should then apply both patches on clothes. According to the company, you need to affix one patch on upper and lower body of your baby.


The main benefit of Good Knight Patches is that you can affix them and provide your baby with sound sleep. You can also remove the patches without any mark on the tender skin of your baby. Your tiny baby will not cry during the removal of the patches.

The patches can also be stuck on prams, strollers and other places where mosquitoes invade your baby. If you have higher growth of infestation, you should affix additional patches. If you want to protect your baby, you should consider electronic insect repellent manufactured by Good Knight.

The Good Knight Patches are available in a pack of 14 for Rs. 75 from BigBasket, Amazon India and all retail shops including supermarkets across India.

Good Knight manufactures premium products to keep mosquitoes at bay during both day and night. The company is one of the most trusted brands in the industry for a long time. The availability of the Good Knight Activ+ and Good Knight Patches in both online marketplace is a bonus for customers since they can verify reviews and buy the product. Moreover, customers will be able to take advantage of the special offers from e-commerce companies.

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