Azure Media Encoder Standard Gets Better with Additional File Formats, Codecs and H.264 Encoder

Microsoft has released Azure Media Encoder Standard with support for more file formats, codecs and a better quality H.264 encoder. The standard is built on a newer and flexible pipeline with robust coding mechanisms. Microsoft will introduce advanced features such as support for additional file format/codec, thumbnail in addition to ability to  trim a live archive Asset.

Azure Media Encoder Standard can be used to transcode a wide range of source formats into single bitrate H.264 video and AAC audio, and package into either an ISO MP4 container, MPEG2-TS container, multiple GOP-aligned H.264 video streams and AAC audio.

You can either transcode the entire input source or can select a portion of its timeline. Anil Murching, Senior Program Manager, Azure Media Services has provided a detailed table which provides a comaprion of the new Media Encoder Standard and the previous Azure Media Encoder.

In order to submit encoding Tasks you need to make use of the Azure Media Services Explorer.

Azure Media Services Explorer

Anil has provided a detailed coverage of the various steps involved with the help of supported images on his official blog. Moreover, he also provides a sample code to illustrate the various functionality.

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