AutoMapper 3.3 Gets Better with Open Generic, Explicit LINQ Expansion, Parameterized LINQ Queries Support

AutoMapper 3.3 has been released with support for open generic, explicit LINQ expansion, custom constructors for LINQ projection, parameterized LINQ queries in addition to support of custom type converter for LINQ projection.

The latest release also enables you to configure member visibility including word/character replacement in member matching. The developer has added documentation for every new feature in addition to the detailed listing of improvements and bug fixes.

“This will likely be the last 3.x release, as for the next release I’ll be focusing on refactoring for custom convention support, plus supporting the new .NET core runtime,” said Jimmy Bogard, Developer, AutoMapper.

AutoMapper 3.3 has added following improvements

  • Mapper.Reset does not clear the Project().To() expression trees.#614
  • AddGlobalIgnore does not work when the property name exists on both source and destination, but types are not compatible.#585
  • Addressing issues with ExpressionMapper logic.#584
  • Work around xunit issue which drops everything after dashes.#564
  • Support nullable destination when using custom MapFrom#559
  • Inheritance Include with Unincluded inherited mappings#537
  • Expose TypeMap in MappingExpression#531
  • Automapper projection don’t support custom type converters#522
  • Fixed #511 – error when trying to map to a ReadOnlyCollection at top-level (i.e. not a property)#512
  • Mapping List to ReadOnlyCollection no longer works#511
  • Non Generic Version of .UseDestinationValue#509
  • Support NullSubstitute in LINQ expressions#506
  • Inheritance Maps specified from Derived Class#456
  • NotSupportedException on clear in ListSourceMapper #404

You will find complete information regarding each improvement on the official GitHub release page.

AutoMapper 3.3 has fixed a bug which occurs in appharbor. It also fixed Automapper.targets so that it doesn’t use content type item. In addition these fixes, the latest release of AutoMapper includes bug fixes listed below

  • AssertConfigurationIsValid fails for destination overrides (As)#574
  • .targets file causes AutoMapper to be included by Web Publishing#556
  • Fixed #511 – error when trying to map to a ReadOnlyCollection at top-level (i.e. not a property)#532
  • Null array properties behaviour changes 3.0 -> 3.1#526
  • Using AutoMapper breaks design time experience in Expression Blend #524
  • AssertConfigurationIsValid ignore provided typemaps for DryRun#505
  • In post 3.0.0 builds, using NullSubstitute results in model type name being substituted instead of value provided#469

AutoMapper 3.3 is available for download from the official GitHub project page.

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