Book Review – Arduino Succinctly

Arduino Succinctly consists of seven chapters. In chapter 1, you will learn the steps required to install Arduino IDE on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. This chapter also examines a sample Arduino Uno Hello World application and also provides a brief coverage of serial monitor.

Chapter 2 examines the procedure for building circuits with LEDs including the coverage of Arduino traffic light and cylon eye. Chapter 3 discusses the usage of Pushbutton, Quirky Pushbutton in addition to working of Pushbutton with noise filtering software and hardware.

The author has examined the usage of buzzers in chapter 4. You will learn the steps required to change Buzzer’s frequency and make use of the tone function.

Arduino Succinctly

In chapter 5, the author has provided detailed coverage of the various ways by which you can measure environment conditions. Chapter 6 examines the usage of Potentiometers, ultrasonic distance sensor, parking sensor including usage of Infrared motion sensor.

Chapter 7 provides a comprehensive coverage of MK Modules, nRF24L01 and Data Transceivers. You will also learn the steps required to connect to a Wireless network with ESP8266 chip. Towards the end of Arduino Succinctly ebook, the author has discussed a situation which prompted the creator to invent Arduino device.

Arduino Succinctly will be useful for hardware, networking professionals and for all those who would like to learn the basics of Arduino. The book is available for download free of cost and hence you can download and store on your tablet.

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