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Internet connectivity has grown up significantly since 2000. First, we had dial-up method where we used to dial a specific number to establish Internet connection. When people expected more speeds, cable modem was introduced which gave us fast connectivity. In 2004, Broadband connectivity was introduced which marked the start of Internet revolution.

People began to surf the web with speeds which they have never seen before. However, cost factor played a major role during initial stages. However, over the period of time, BSNL reduced the rates which helped many users. For instance, I can now browse 20 GB of data for a fixed charge and the speed will be reduced once 20 GB cap has reached. I need not have to pay any extra money.

Broadband will not be fast always. Moreover, you need Wireless modem to establish Internet connectivity on your smartphone. We have 3G but the speed will be low compared to broadband network. Hence, we require a technology such as 4G which can give us ultra-fast speed at a nominal rate.

Airtel 4G was recently launched in 296 cities across India. Airtel 4G provides internet connectivity which will be faster than theexisting Broadband network.

Airtel 4G

If you are unaware, Airtel 4G is the first telecom operator in India to roll out 4G services. I will be able to complete whole lot of things if I have access to Airtel 4G.

(1) I create educational videos on various topics. I will make use of Airtel 4G to upload videos to my YouTube channel. Right now, I need to wait for long time to finish uploading. I am sure I will be able to finish uploading of high capacity videos to YouTube within few minutes with 4G.

(2) I publish blog posts every day. I will leverage the high speed of Airtel 4G to compose blog posts. Moreover, I will be able to upload images very fast.

(3) I do plenty of research for various projects. With the help of 4G, I will be able to extract content from search engines without waiting for long time.

(4) Recently, I have captured several photos during vacation time using Redmi Note 4G. I will make use of Airtel 4G to upload them to a cloud storage platform such as Dropbox, One Drive so that I can recover them any time. I feel that photos can be uploaded within minutes using Airtel 4G.

(5) I will make use of Airtel 4G to backup documents and files to cloud servers since I will be able to complete the task within minutes.

(6) Airtel 4G will be very good companion for online shopping. I will be able to check out and complete the payment process very quickly without waiting for long time. Moreover, mobile apps can be downloaded very easily with 4G connectivity.

(7) With the help of Airtel 4G, I will be able to post tweets easily. Moreover, I will be able to submit status updates on Facebook without waiting for long time.

Airtel has rolled out a competitive and economical pricing strategy so that all level of users will be able to experience the real fun and features associated with 4G.

Airtel 4G Pricing

In order to purchase a 4G SIM card you just need to place a request as a tweet with the hash tag #GetAirtel4G. Airtel will deliver your 4G SIM card directly to your home. You can also order a 4G SIM card from the official website of Airtel.

Airtel 4G Free SIM

You have to test drive Airtel 4G to feel the real speed. I am sure Airtel 4G will revolutionize the way in which you interact online.

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