Adarsh Solanki on Microsoft Hyperlapse and Beyond

Microsoft Hyperlapse is a product of Microsoft Research and it enables developers to stream complex videos using a wide range of algorithms.

In an exclusive interview, Adarsh Solanki, Program Manager, Microsoft shared more information about Microsoft Hyperlapse.

Learnxpress: Can you share the real purpose of Microsoft Hyperlapse?

The purpose of Microsoft Hyperlapse is to share some of the cutting-edge computer vision research conducted at Microsoft Research labs with the world in the form of three products: Hyperlapse Pro (windows), Hyperlapse Mobile (android/windows phone) and Hyperlapse for Azure Media Services (cloud solution)

Learnxpress: What prompted Microsoft to release Hyperlapse?

The rise of drone footage and consumer action cameras led to the realization that Microsoft Hyperlapse can help create consumable video from otherwise long, boring, or unstable videos.

Microsoft Hyperlapse

Learnxpress: How can a developer work with Hyperlapse?

The best way for a developer to work with Microsoft Hyperlapse is by signing up for an Azure Media Services account and submitting jobs to our Hyperlapse media processor.

Learnxpress: In the preview release, jobs are limited to 10,000 frames. What will be the rate after final release?

The final release will have no limitation, but will have a cost associated with the processing.

Learnxpress: How easy it is to deploy Microsoft Hyperlapse?

It is very easy to integrate Microsoft Hyperlapse for Azure Media Services into a variety of workflows using Azure Media Services REST API and platform SDKs.

Learnxpress: What will happen if Microsoft Hyperlapse was not released?

The world would have a lot more jerky, unstable videos

Learnxpress: Can you share the future roadmap of Hyperlapse?

We will continue to improve the technology and performance as we track towards a public release.

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